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In addition to water, air is the most important resource of our planet. Clean air is vital for humans to survive. We have copied this principle of air cleaning from nature: air ionization by high voltage and activated oxygen. It should be noted that the higher the concentration of energetic ions in the air, the healthier it is. For example, the highly enriched air at the seaside is especially beneficial – we can replicate that effect anywhere indoors.

The reality is odours, pollen, fungal spores, bacteria or viruses adversely change room atmosphere and can cause illness. Filter systems do not help or are inadequate in these cases. In air conditioned areas, the ion concentration in the air drops to almost zero. This is where bipolar ionization, found in all Bioclimatic devices, naturally cleans the air and raises the ion concentration back to a natural level.

Everyone knows the pleasant fresh smell after a thunderstorm. The air smells like it has been washed - and in the figurative sense it is. The high voltage split the oxygen molecules into positively and negatively charged ions (bipolar ionization). These particles are highly reactive and act as oxidants. The ionized air reacts with organic molecular chains such as germs, moulds and bacteria or odour molecules. These chains are broken up and rendered harmless. Bioclimatic devices produce these high-voltage, yet low power discharges, that mimic nature’s bipolar ionization.

It's simple; any process that involves printing (of any kind), laminating, coating, test or inspection in electronics and packaging is at risk of dust and static contamination – even in the best of cleanrooms.

Over the past 21 years, KSM SuperClean has implemented and executed on their mission; “To create strong, simple to operate, reliable products that offer amazing value for money”. They have created modular surface cleaning and static elimination systems that protect quality at every key point where dust or static could be an issue. It costs nothing to ensure you have the quality you desire protected. To find out more call or email our technical manager Keith Munro.


Founded in Scotland in 1997 to create surface contamination elimination systems, KSM SuperClean was built on the premise to create Strong,  Reliable and Great Value for Money Products. 

Today, KSM SuperClean is owned by Rainbow Technologies in Scotland, who continue to produce the KSM SuperClean range of products while adding their own chemical and engineering development expertise to meet the most technically demanding client needs.

SuperClean Systems Australia ( is the Australasian distributor for KSM SuperClean - Rainbow Technologies and Bioclimatic Germany. Our aim is to provide the finest advanced technologies in sustainable air quality systems (Bioclimatic Germany) and surface micro-contamination elimination (KSM SuperClean Scotland). For any environmentally sensitive issues - whether in the home or workplace, whether small or large scale - please contact Keith directly. (


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