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In any business today, indoor air quality is critical for workplace performance. This applies equally well to educational environments of every kind.

The cleaner and more energised the air is (similar to the seaside on a breezy day), the better anyone, of any age, can perform. Especially in air conditioned or heated rooms that may have filtered but unenergised air - the air is essentially "Dead". Virtually everyone has experienced drowsiness or fallen ill from the environment in a school or workplace or suffered allergy reactions at times of the year when pollen counts are high. 

With Bioclimatic  systems, you breathe clean, odour free air, with pathogens either destroyed or reduced below the infection threshold level.

Aeromat Series 500

The air in a conference room is stale (at best) after hours of meetings. Windows cannot be opened and the next meeting looms. This is where the mobile Bioclimatic Aeromat 500 Floor Standing Unit really performs.

This powerful air ionization unit can be used anywhere room air needs to be quickly cleaned of odours and pollutants. The air ionization provides fresh air while reducing germs, bacteria and mould. Using the simple controls, you can adjust both the intensity of the tubes and airflow. An integrated hepa filter retains dust and particles. The standard equipment of the aeromat 500/2 consists of two ionization tubes and a VOC (volatile organic compound) sensor. In the case of really strong odour pollution, the aeromat 500/5 with five ionization tubes is available for you to really take control of your air quality.

Hotel rooms are quickly and easily freed from germ contamination. The air in showrooms and sales areas are free of odours and employees in open-plan offices can breathe easy. At the same time, sick leave drops noticeably. 


Offices/Open-plan Offices/Office Buildings, Convention Centres, Educational Institutions/Universities/Schools, Sports Halls/Fitness Centres/Hotels/Retirement Homes, Hotels/Motels, Fresh Produce Halls,Waiting rooms and many more.

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