Aerotec Range: 

Especially for companies that deal with perishable goods, maintain cold stores or food processing, a germ-free and odour-free indoor air is critically important. Any business that relies on alertness in staff and with customer access is dependent on healthy, fresh air.

Thanks to air ionization, food is protected from fast deterioration, mould and mildew. Fresh goods, even cut flowers, can be stored longer, while remaining noticeably fresher. The aerotec unit both reduces annoying odours and prevents odour transmission. 

Aerotec Series units are permanently installed, but can be easily relocated without technical support if required.  They are made in  stainless steel for continuous operation. The housing has louvers and the generator housing is splash-proof. Easy to keep clean. 

Controlled either via an integrated or a remote controller - which can control and operate multiple aerotec units simultaneously.


Application Areas: 

Hotels / restaurants / canteen kitchens, food retailers, wholesalers, butchers / florists, garages (motor vehicles, joineries, plastics processing companies), paint shops, food production facilities, beverage bottling plants, hairdressers, dog salons, pet food stores, veterinary clinics, pet shops, fresh fish and meat processing, kennels, stables, milk, cheese, yoghurt makers, schools, changerooms, toilet blocks, mother and baby rooms, funeral homes, aged care facilities - in fact anywhere indoors where air quality is important.




Aerotec 10IR

AU$1,260.00 Regular Price
AU$1,134.00Sale Price
Aerotec 10-90IR

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