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Airdeco Range

"In conceiving the AirDeco series, two main ideas predominated: To provide our proven bi-polar air ionization technology for residential buildings in a design that is both functional and aesthetically appealing."

Airdeco - Pyramid

The pyramid is a universal small unit for spontaneous and continuous use that comes in an appealing and unique design. The AirDeco Pyramid operates continuously and speedily - to eliminate strong odours in a room up to 80m³ in size. Simply place this powerful air ionization unit near the emission source. The pyramid neutralizes odours and allergens of all kinds, including pollen, "germs", bacteria, mould and other airborne pathogens: safe, clean, effective.

Specific Features:

  • Sensor-controlled/manual mode

  • Integrated intensity controller

  • Powerful, small in size

  • Flexible use - any room, studying, sleeping, relaxing or working

  • Dimensions: approx. 160 x 160 x 160 mm

  • Power Supply 100 - 240V

  • Depending on the problem, can handle up to 80m³

  • Power consumption max. 7W

  • Colours: Black/White/Silver/Dark Pearl Grey

  • International adapters available

Pyramid Information


Airdeco - Wall Mounted Unit

Whether as an attractive individual element or in an efficient arrangement of several units for large objects - the elegant wall units are always an eye-catcher and a visual highlight. Optionally, the wall unit is available with two integrated light sources. With indirect illumination, the device gets even more charisma and can be used as a wall light at the same time.

Specific Features:

  • Sensor-controlled

  • Integrated intensity regulator

  • For offices, hotels and restaurants

  • Illuminants optional

  • Quiet fan

  • Dimensions approximately; 380 x 370 x 95 mm

  • For up to 45 m2 (assuming room height of  2.7m and standard load)

Wall Mounted Information


Airdeco - Car Air Cleaner

Most pleasant air conditions in every vehicle. Clean and fresh air aid concentration and relaxed driving. Odours, fumes, pollen and bacteria are quickly and permanently destroyed.  The perfect co-driver you should never leave behind. 

Specific Features:

  • 12V connection

  • Suitable for all vehicles 

  • Dimensions Approx. 42 X 36 X 155mm

  • Low energy consumption

Car Air Cleaner Information


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